The various services of Smart I.T. Help have been established to fill voids in the information technology marketplace.

We believe that most computer shops and I.T. related help services are busy servicing clients and taking care of disaster situations and hence leaving 'money on the table' by not being able to offer other essential services.

Rather than competing with each other we choose to do business along side these other I.T. service companies. We do this by implementing synergistic affiliate powered technologies that enhance their existing service offerings while providing multiple streams of income that they don't have time to implement nor invest into.

Hence comes the help portion of our IT business. Our services compliment their offering, so helping them in turn helps the business and consumer markets.

Synergies — working alongside your existing technicians to ensure your prepared for 'the worst'.

Maintenance — ensuring the longevity of your computer investment with scheduled PC tower cleaning services.

Assurance — giving you the confidence to build your business and not have to worry about your computers.

Remote — smart technicians assist you remotely over the internet.

Technology — secure off site data backup, website hosting and web promotions powered by affiliates, that's you!

Our Vision

SMART I.T. Help's vision is to empower others to prosper.

Our main goal is to provide Information Technology related services in hot demand that are vital to business survival and longevity.

This uniquely positions us to blast through any recession or economical difficulty that might come.

Have a great day!