Small Business Web Hosting Prices


$50.00 / hour for site building / custom graphics

Keyword research for site:

½ hour / site = $50.00 – more than ½ hour is 20.00 / page.

Includes 1 Primary keyword & top 3 keywords to target each page.

Initial Build Packages:

If all information is submitted to us including graphics the build of the site can be fairly straight forward. To know for sure simply fill out the Smart Order Form to get started. Word PDF

  1. Standard 5 page site, optimized and submitted to top 3 search engines and top 3 directories. This can be done from scratch or an edited template from:
    Price: $400.00
  2. Single page: $250

    If we have to custom build your header, footer and other graphics the price can climb pretty fast, generally around the $750.00 if it's just the basics your needing.

Promotion Packages:

Call for details.
Basically SEO services can be done in house or contracted out and can run from under $100 to thousands of dollars depending on importance of free search engine traffic.

Domain Registration:

Price: $25.00 Covers our time to find a good name and get it registered and such.

Domain Registration (yearly): $35.00

Hosting (Monthly): $30.00