Small Business Website Promotion Services

Now That You Have A Site What Next?

  1. Apply some SEO to your site: 1hour -> for this please reply with the keywords you think people may use to find your services within your geographical area.
  2. A method to capture your visitors information to your site: 1 hours to implement (costs for creating the content and follow up emails is extra) - I suggest we begin building you a newsletter list by giving away a Free report. EG. 50 Cash Building Energy Saving Tips You Can Implement Today!

    This method has the added benefit of creating more value to your business as well by building a large potential advertiser email newsletter list that you can email deals and promotions and good information too whenever you want.

  3. PPC campaign on Google, MSN and Yahoo search: 1 hour setup and a recommended budget of $50.00 / month to start and tweak from there. This could begin anytime, recommended after #2 however but will bring leads in right away.
  4. Write an article about your industry: $25 / $50 / $75.00 - higher price point generally gets better quality
  5. Submit the article to 350 article directories: $150.00 -> you get for $99.00
  6. Write a good press release: $25 / $50 / $75.00
  7. Submit press release to all local media: 2-3 hours -> this is really powerful if the press release is deemed news worthy and can get you a lot of free press, sometimes a radio or TV interview as well and will usually hit all the papers (no charge) if they deem it newsworthy. For this it's really good to have a good marketing angle for this that separates you from the crowd.
  8. Submit to the top web directories: 50 of the best web directory links for $50.00 - although this is no where near as powerful as it was years ago you can still get a good amount of quality one way links which are more powerful than link exchanges

You need something that makes you different from your competitors.

What do you do different then everyone else?

For me with Smart Biz Host for example - I share the hosting fees with the affiliate or the person that referred our customer to us. Unlike most hosting companies I don't just share the fees one time but for the lifetime of the customer that hosts with us. There are a few other things as well.