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Wow, WOW WOW has SMTP2Go ever been a breath of relief for outbound SMTP email problems for us and our clients!

We offer IT solutions and webhosting so our outbound email just simply has to always work for our customers.

By using SMTP2go our simplest to our most complex clients rely and know their message is getting delivered.

But really it’s the support that really stand out in my mind.

In such a highly technical field their techs have been fantastic and spoke English, what a treat!

If outbound outbound smtp email problems have ever given you the slightest of hassles we Highly RECOMMEND SMTP2go!!


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Chrome Printing Annoyance – how to add print button

A lot of us are using Chrome now, still love it but every time I print I'm looking for my keyboard Ctrl+P or the button that should be along the top, how annoying! Anyhow, here is my recommendation on: Chrome Printing Annoyance - how to add print button After adding mine it looks like this:…
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