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SuperManaged.com Install Page (5/15/2015) - Click Here For the SuperManaged Installer Files
*** 24×7 Managed Services Special Offer *** (4/16/2015) - Comes With: -24 x 7 Phone & Remote Control Tech Support -Managed Hardware/Software including Managed Antivirus on one pc -5GB Offsite backup account with www.DataHarbor.ca -Remote control support so you can access your machine from anywhere Try it FREE for 30 days by signing up at this button then only $45.00/month after that! How Many Users? 1 User : $45.00 Continue Reading
download Recommending SMTP2go for outbound smtp email problems… (3/12/2015) - SMTP2go for outbound smtp email problems
Remote me options (2/18/2015) - Excited to be finally testing new remote control options. Posting this url for us to install and test with or for clients needing easy connection to us: Click Here to connect Or run THIS FILE inside the zip.
Ready for Multi-Screen – Dual or triple side by side monitors… (1/27/2015) - Dual or triple side by side monitors
Chrome Printing Annoyance – how to add print button (1/21/2015) - A lot of us are using Chrome now, still love it but every time I print I’m looking for my keyboard Ctrl+P or the button that should be along the top, how annoying! Anyhow, here is my recommendation on: Chrome Printing Annoyance – how to add print button http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/3020/google_chrome_add_print_button/ After adding mine it looks like this:    
Windows Live Contacts located differently than mail so check your backups! (12/25/2014) - Windows Live Contacts and mail must get backed up
CRAPWARE sucks – letter to Mom… (8/19/2014) - I just left my mom (who I love dearly and will go through this everytime I have to till I lock her pc down A LOT lol) the following note after having to clean her laptop again because CRAPWARE sucks! Good am! Try the machine now. It had MULTIPLE CRAPWARE sucks programs on it….again…. a. no kids on this one Continue Reading
Simply the Best Password Manager online (1/28/2012) - Have you tried Roboform yet? Well, we just love it (Guy, Renee, our bookkeeper and I!) and believe it’s simply the best password manager online. It’s one of those programs that once you use it and realize how much time and FRUSTRATION it saves you you’ll wonder how you got along with out it. Here is the page on our Continue Reading
Buy Acronis True Image 12 Online now posted at SmartPcHelp.com site (9/30/2011) - Buy Acronis True Image 12 Online now
PC Help Website (9/29/2011) - Most of the software and programs we use can be found on our Smart PC Help site located at: Online PC Help Also, we have some major updates coming shortly for this site 🙂
Loving The Data Harbor Online Backup Affiliate Program (1/18/2010) - You should read this post about the Data Harbor Online Backup Affiliate Program.
external hard drive files lost (6/6/2009) - external hard drive files lost
Restore a file and saved my butt again! (2/4/2009) - It’s true, if your data is off site you’ll sleep better at night because if you have to restore a file you need to know your backups are running. Would you believe that again today while working away in excel I copied one file over the other? It seems I was quite content with just thinking about other things at Continue Reading
Restore Accounting Data …. (1/21/2009) - As much as we hate to see bad stuff happen to people trying to run an honest business we sure are happy to help restore files. Just had another client call who had been working on a file but made a mistake on it, in this particular accounting package it was year end and there was no way to restore Continue Reading
Are my backups running? (10/3/2008) - There are A LOT of software programs out there that will backup your data for you. Even Norton and Dell are getting into the market and releasing their unique version in an attempt to protect your data from “THE WORST”. Whether or not you are protected by our services the biggest mystery remains, how do you know your data is Continue Reading
overwrote my file – how to restore from backup with a managed off site backup service (8/8/2008) - There are tons of reasons everyone should have a managed off site backup service in place. Here’s what just happened to me: I overwrote my file!! Here’s how I did that: I was doing up a quote for a potential client of mine from a power point presentation that I’d created for something else and I was quite happy with Continue Reading
Let’s Chat about off site backup solutions….. (4/22/2008) - Let’s Chat ! I’m frequently online and if so feel free to hit me up for a chat session. I enjoy talking about off site backup solutions, if the status is not online leave me a message and I’ll get back to you when I can. 🙂 Have a Great Day! Chad McDonald Smart Tier 1 Support 403.352.9399 SmartITHelp.com Saving Continue Reading
Managed Offsite Backup Services (4/22/2008) - I’ve been thinking of posting about our Managed Offsite Backup Services for way too long now.If you have computers, you have data, if it’s important information you need a backup solution. Too many times I’ve heard the stories of people putting there trust in computers untill the day something happens and they lose their valued photos or accounting or tax Continue Reading
I sure hope your off site data backup ran last night? (3/15/2008) - [slideshow=1] It’s 3:00 am. Fire just gutted your business. Did your off site data backups run? Ours did.   Try our managed off site data backup services for the next 30 days and experience the best business protection the market has to offer.
Offsite Data Storage Services is helping small business owners rest well at night! (3/15/2008) - We have had several comments from our customers about the new offsite data storage services offered by us here at Smart IT Help. Company president Chad McDonald comments, “for us it’s a matter of ensuring our clients receive a hands off solution with zero management so they can focus on building their business, while we ensure they are protected from Continue Reading
Welcome to Smart IT Help (1/18/2008) - Hello, Welcome to Smart IT Help ! Rather than try and focus on every topic and service the IT industry has to offer, we have 4 specific services we can assist your business with. Please see our products page for more information or click here . Visit our membership page and see our offers! We look forward to assisting your Continue Reading

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