CRAPWARE sucks – letter to Mom…

I just left my mom (who I love dearly and will go through this everytime I have to till I lock her pc down A LOT lol) the following note after having to clean her laptop again because CRAPWARE sucks!

Good am!

Try the machine now.

It had MULTIPLE CRAPWARE sucks programs on it....again....

a. no kids on this one
b. never click anything unless you know what it is
c. don't accept anything free I don't care if they promise you a new house.
d. emails, don't click links! sheesh, if you HOVER your mouse you can see where the link goes before clicking it to ensure it's a save site
e. never install free software without the help of a seasoned IT pro and certainly don't do surveys and blankety blank coupons.


Love you Mom!





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