Offsite Data Storage Services is helping small business owners rest well at night!

We have had several comments from our customers about the new offsite data storage services offered by us here at Smart IT Help.

Company president Chad McDonald comments, "for us it's a matter of ensuring our clients receive a hands off solution with zero management so they can focus on building their business, while we ensure they are protected from the unthinkable".

In fact Larry over at Global Pet Foods has even commented that he's sleeping better at night. BTW: if you have pet's, go see Larry! He'll look after you and your pets nutritional needs.

Up till this point backing up your business or personal data has been a royal pain and too much of a nuisance, which is why most people forget about it after a couple months. The good news is a regular automated managed data storage service doesn't have to be a confusing mess of technology, nor a waste of time.

We here at Smart IT Help are now offering a free month of our managed data storage service. You can sign up for a trial account right now and take a proactive step towards protecting your business.

Remember, your business is your data, protect it!

Click the following link and try our Free Offsite Data Storage Services Trial. You will be Glad You DID!

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