Restore a file and saved my butt again!

It's true, if your data is off site you'll sleep better at night because if you have to restore a file you need to know your backups are running.

Would you believe that again today while working away in excel I copied one file over the other?

It seems I was quite content with just thinking about other things at the time, you know, not fully paying attention.

Then Alan our office admin comes in, he's like, "Chaaaaad..... where did you put all my notes from the xls file I've been working in"? It was then that my open hand hit my forehead, darn dit it again!

Yes, even the guy's that provide off site data backup services lose their files. Anyhow, opened our restore a file software, punched in the password, Alan now has his data and is quite happy, I'm happy too because the information was sales calls related 🙂

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