Simply the Best Password Manager online

Have you tried Roboform yet?
Well, we just love it (Guy, Renee, our bookkeeper and I!) and believe it's simply the best password manager online.
It's one of those programs that once you use it and realize how much time and FRUSTRATION it saves you you'll wonder how you got along with out it.
Here is the page on our site where you can install the free trial, enjoy!

I believe the free trial works for upto 10 passwords. I have over 400!!!
You'll be surprised how many you have once you start using it. It's so freeing no longer having to remember all those different passwords for all those different websites!
Outlook Email
Online Banking


Hobby sites
Club Memberships
Online purchases
I am using it on 3 web browsers and my iPhone and it's just amazing. I can login to my web banking from my iPhone and not have to remember all those RIDICULOUS security passwords....
Have a good one!

Chad McDonald
I.T. Sales Dept
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