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Restore Accounting Data ….

As much as we hate to see bad stuff happen to people trying to run an honest business we sure are happy to help restore files. Just had another client call who had been working on a file but made a mistake on it, in this particular accounting package it was year end and there…
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Are my backups running?

There are A LOT of software programs out there that will backup your data for you. Even Norton and Dell are getting into the market and releasing their unique version in an attempt to protect your data from "THE WORST". Whether or not you are protected by our services the biggest mystery remains, how do…
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Let’s Chat about off site backup solutions…..

Let's Chat ! I'm frequently online and if so feel free to hit me up for a chat session. I enjoy talking about off site backup solutions, if the status is not online leave me a message and I'll get back to you when I can. :-) Have a Great Day! Chad McDonald Smart Tier…
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Managed Offsite Backup Services

I've been thinking of posting about our Managed Offsite Backup Services for way too long now.If you have computers, you have data, if it's important information you need a backup solution. Too many times I've heard the stories of people putting there trust in computers untill the day something happens and they lose their valued…
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I sure hope your off site data backup ran last night?

[slideshow=1] It's 3:00 am. Fire just gutted your business. Did your off site data backups run? Ours did.   Try our managed off site data backup services for the next 30 days and experience the best business protection the market has to offer.
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Welcome to Smart IT Help

Hello, Welcome to Smart IT Help ! Rather than try and focus on every topic and service the IT industry has to offer, we have 4 specific services we can assist your business with. Please see our products page for more information or click here . Visit our membership page and see our offers! We…
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