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Chrome Printing Annoyance – how to add print button

A lot of us are using Chrome now, still love it but every time I print I'm looking for my keyboard Ctrl+P or the button that should be along the top, how annoying! Anyhow, here is my recommendation on: Chrome Printing Annoyance - how to add print button After adding mine it looks like this:…
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CRAPWARE sucks – letter to Mom…

I just left my mom (who I love dearly and will go through this everytime I have to till I lock her pc down A LOT lol) the following note after having to clean her laptop again because CRAPWARE sucks! Good am! Try the machine now. It had MULTIPLE CRAPWARE sucks programs on it....again.... a.…
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Simply the Best Password Manager online

Have you tried Roboform yet? Well, we just love it (Guy, Renee, our bookkeeper and I!) and believe it's simply the best password manager online. It's one of those programs that once you use it and realize how much time and FRUSTRATION it saves you you'll wonder how you got along with out it. Here…
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PC Help Website

Most of the software and programs we use can be found on our Smart PC Help site located at: Online PC Help Also, we have some major updates coming shortly for this site :-)
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Restore a file and saved my butt again!

It's true, if your data is off site you'll sleep better at night because if you have to restore a file you need to know your backups are running. Would you believe that again today while working away in excel I copied one file over the other? It seems I was quite content with just…
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